Adam Pitt is a Woodcut Printmaker who spent decades navigating life as a corporate manager for a Fortune 500 company, while he simultaneously worked as an undercover artist. Pitt works in two distinct series; 
Nudes and Korporate Culture. Both series observe the muse, becoming a narrative for his own work-life dichotomy. The exaggerated features of the muses and the simple yet bold color sensibility are inspired by expressionist artists like Schiele, Munch, Beckman, and Kirchner, as well as Non-Western wood sculptures.

Pitt's work uses a unique printing method called intaglio woodcut. Carved lines and the natural patterns of the woodgrain can be inked in intaglio while the surface is still inked in relief. What traditionally would be referred to as a "white line" woodcut can now create endless color options in both line and shape. Together with Master Printer, Kathy Caraccio, they have become the leaders of this method.


All works shown have been printed by Kathy Caraccio of K. Caraccio Studio.  

Copy of Nude Front Nightgown_edited_edited.jpg


Copy of obscured by nature_edited.jpg

Adam Pitt

Korporate Culture