Adam Pitt is a Woodcut Printmaker who spent decades navigating life as a corporate manager for a Fortune 500 company, while he simultaneously worked as an undercover artist. His prints push the boundaries of woodcut printmaking by expanding the unconventional technique of the intaglio woodcut. His contemporary images reflect worldly influences that are at times humorous and unsettling, at others lyrical and sensual.  Pitt has lived and worked in the New York area all his life and travels extensively to research art and visit museums.  After studying drawing and painting, he taught himself the processes of woodcutting and started collaborating with master printer Kathy Caraccio in New York City. He has shown his art at many venues, including The Library of Congress, Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers University and IPCNY.


Adam Pitt’s work expresses his own work-life dichotomy observing feminine and masculine muses in stark contrasts and different environments.  Working in two distinct series, Korporate Culture and Nudes, Pitt’s work clearly expresses the feelings associated with being in the presence of these characters. Feminine figures are calm, inviting, sensual. She is a classical beauty steeped in history. She represents life, abundance and a universal presence. Pitt invites the viewer in with sweeping lines and alluring tones.  Masculine figures produce anxiety and stress. Characterized as businessmen, Pitt uses his personal experience in the corporate world to depict their everyday lives with all their aggression and bluster, along with anxiety and unconscious attitudes they possess.  The result is uninviting and uncomfortable but also humorous.   

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Adam Pitt

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Korporate Culture