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Korporate Culture

Adam Pitt

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A Woodcut print from Adam Pitt's Korporate Culture series titled, Another day at the office. Depicts cartoon-like businessmen jumping through hoops and doing cartwheels.
A dipdych print by Adam Pitt. The left depicts businessmen in a boat finding a new world and the right depicts businessmen on a skewer being cooked over an open flame.

Founding of a new world/Boss Stew

woodcut, 40" x 12.5", 2014, price on request

Pitt’s woodcut series, Korporate Culture, depicts the suffering of today's workforce. Our capitalist society demands more output in less time, greater profits at lower costs, and a greater capacity to tolerate stress. Where’s the space to breathe, to get away from the oversight and pressure for more? His subjects are screaming in rage, silenced or choking; sometimes feeling the bosses boot on their neck. Pulling from his own experiences in the corporate world, Pitt's over-exaggerated characters express how our connection to nature is suppressed in this world, causing workers to feel trapped and controlled. The strong graphic nature of the woodcut process provokes this narrative of the oppressive boss and his victims. Visit the Korporate Culture website for the full experience.

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