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Adam Pitt

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A woodcut intaglio print by Adam Pitt. Titled, Reclining Nude Nightgown. Done in teal, browns, and pinks.

Pitt’s woodcut series, Nudes, is a study of the artistic female nude. In opposition of his corporate identity, Pitt utilizes this classical subject matter in an effort to "return to nature".  The artists decision to focus solely on the muse as his subject allows him to more deeply explore the artistic process itself. He deconstructs the subject by removing all narrative and descriptive elements, then reconstruct them by simplifying their form. Shapes and colors blend with the patterns of the woodgrain, creating a fusion between the subject and the materials used. 

These contemporary nudes serve to evoke feelings in contrary to the stressful nature of the korporate work. They are aesthetically pleasurable and capture the uninhibited movement of the muse, exhibiting autonomy over their environment. 

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